Community Engagement

Community Meetings

08/09/2023 North Collins Town Board Meeting Presentation

EDF Renewables held two initial meetings in March 2023 to share this opportunity with interested landowners in the community. The meetings were attended by more than 100 community members.  

Community Relations

EDF Renewables is about more than just producing clean, renewable energy for today’s world. We believe projects will have a better chance of success if we have an active presence in the community and respond to local interests. We engage early with stakeholders, connecting during the siting and permitting process and nurturing these relationships through installation and operation. 

EDF Renewables is committed to providing future generations with the means to power their lives in the most economic, environmental, and socially responsible ways possible. For more insight into how EDF Renewables interacts with our local community, please visit our Resources page. To view interactive materials, including the Collins Wind podcast series please visit our Videos and Podcasts page where you can learn more about the Project and wind energy more generally.